Simon Francis

Bassist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer


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Simon Francis is an international live & studio musician experienced in Bass Guitar, Upright, & Synth Bass and using these three disciplines together to provide a powerful, soul-full low end in a variety of musical environments, providing a firm & engaging musical foundation.

He is also adept at providing musical accompaniment on Guitar, Synths, and Backing Vocals.

Filled with a passion for music and immersed in a diverse range of styles and genres, he works on tours, albums and promotional work with a wide range of bands and artists.

Recent Projects

Kylie Minogue - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


Ellie Goulding - Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synth Bass, Live Programming,


Harlea - Guitar, Backing Vocals


Becky Hill - Bass Guitar, Synth, Live Programming


Leah Mason/Minke - Bass Guitar


Diagrams - Bass Guitar, Synth, Live Programming


Danelectro '63 Bass VI

DeArmond Starfire

Eko Florentine Hollow Body 1963

Epiphone Jack Casady Bass

Fender Mustang 1978

Fender Classic '50s Precision

Fender Flea Signature '61 Jazz Bass

Fender Jaguar Bass (modified w/ neck humbucker)

Gibson Grabber '78

Gibson Ripper Fretless 1973

Gibson Thunderbird (w/ Thunderbuckers '66 spec)

Goya Panther II Holllowbody '65

Hagstrom/Futurama Coronado IV 1964

Serek Midwestern (w/ B90 pickup)

Yamaha BB2024x

Yamaha BB734a (w/ Delano Pickups)

Wilcock B90 Shortscale


Fender Jazzmaster

Fender CP100 Parlor Guitar


Moog Voyager

Korg MS20

Modular Synth incl. WMD/Make Noise/SynthTech...etc modules.


Native Instruments Komplete & S49 Keyboard


Jule Amps Monique

Ashdown Little Bastard

Ashdown 4x12


JH Audio JH16 in ear monitors


Over 250+ effects pedals...

... inlcuding instruments by Mantic Conceptual, Malekko Heavy Industries, Earthquaker Devices, Source Audio, Old Blood Noise Endeavours, Future Impact, and many more...

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